Pets Corner – December 2018


*Pets Corner is a column I write for pet owners that is published monthly in the Old South News, a newsletter in London, Ontario.

Pets Corner – December 2018

I’m back this month with more seasonal safety tips. Have a safe and happy holiday with your pets!

  • Ensure that your Christmas tree cannot be knocked over by a rambunctious dog, or a kitty who can’t resist the urge to climb. I tether my tree to the wall with fishing twine every year! Discourage pets from chewing lighting cords with bitter apple spray.  
  • Avoid decorations that your pets may want to eat! Many homemade ornaments mix food items like popcorn or dried fruit with paint, glue, pins, and other things pets shouldn’t consume. Tinsel, ribbon, and other string decorations are often irresistible to cats and can cause severe illness.
  • Holiday plants like holly, mistletoe, and lilies are extremely toxic to animals. Pets can also be sickened by drinking water from Christmas tree stands, particularly if fertilizer has been used.
  • Monitor candles lit for Hanukkah, Christmas, Kwanzaa, and other holiday celebrations to make sure pets don’t get too close for comfort.

Melissa Harris, Barks and Recreation