Pets Corner – November 2018


*Pets Corner is a column I write for pet owners that is published monthly in the Old South News, a newsletter in London, Ontario.

Pets Corner – November 2018

Hello again! I’m bringing you some holiday safety tips this month and next, as there is so much to cover on this topic. Here are some ways to keep your pets safe and healthy around holiday foods:

  • Keep holiday foods well out of reach while entertaining guests. I once helped treat a very sick pup at the veterinary emergency hospital on Christmas Day who had eaten an entire roast turkey while her humans were out of the room! Additionally, ensure all of your garbage cans have secured lids and are kept outside.
  • Some potential food hazards for pets include fatty meats and trimmings, onions and garlic, brine from cooking turkey, chocolate, sweets containing xylitol, and raisins, currants, or grapes.
  • It’s ok to treat your pet to a festive meal too, as long as they don’t have a history of allergies or illness! Include your pet this holiday season by offering a dish of their regular diet, and adding in plain cooked carrots and beans, a spoon of mashed potato, and a few small bites of turkey breast or chicken (lean white meat only).

See you next month with more of my holiday pet safety tips!

Melissa Harris, Barks and Recreation