Pets Corner – October 2018


*Note: There was no Pets Corner column in September 2018 as Old South News was not published that month. Pets Corner appears in each issue of the newsletter. 

Pets Corner – October 2018

Sometimes our feline friends don’t feel so friendly towards each other. Here are some ways to help your kitties live more peacefully together!

  • Cats are territorial creatures. Many fights can be resolved by ensuring each cat has their own food bowl, litter box, toys, etc. Litter boxes can be especially problematic – feline specialists generally recommend that the total number of litter boxes per home should be one for each cat, and then add one more to that number. Try to place them in different areas around your home.
  • Ask your veterinarian about Feliway Friends, a pheromone plug-in or room spray that is proven to soothe tensions in multi-cat households.
  • If you are considering adopting a cat, think very seriously about adopting two who are either litter mates or a bonded pair. Cats can be independent creatures, but they can also get lonely; introducing new cats to each other later in life is much more challenging than starting with two who are already bonded.  

Melissa Harris, Barks and Recreation