Pet Fire Safety Day

July-Pet Fire Safety Day

Today is Pet Fire Safety Day. In my time working as an RVT, I helped to treat several pets who had been involved in house fires, or who had otherwise been burned (in cases like these, it was most often cats who had jumped onto a hot stove top). Burns are just as painful for our pets as they are for us, and our pets are just as susceptible to the deadly effects of smoke inhalation as humans. It’s important to consider your pets in your own home’s fire safety plan.

Take some time today to think about how you can prevent fires from starting in your home and make sure that if they do, you and your pets can safely get out of the house before a real tragedy happens! The pet insurance company Pets Plus Us has a good list of tips for you – I’d also add that you can often pick up an emergency pet alert sticker for your window at your vet clinic. If your vet does not have these available free of charge, most pet stores carry them. Make sure to keep these up to date with the current number of each species of pet in your home. This action could save lives!