Pets Corner – April 2018


*Pets Corner is a column I write for pet owners that is published monthly in the Old South News, a newsletter in London, Ontario.

Pets Corner – April 2018

Spring is here, along with one of our least favourite pests – ticks! These tiny arachnids are common and spreading fast in southwestern Ontario due to climate change. Here are some tips for preventing tick-borne illnesses in your pets:

  • Ticks proliferate from early spring through summer; they love to hang out in heavily wooded areas, or in long grasses. Now is the time to start checking your pets for ticks after they’ve been outside.
  • If you find a tick, remove it using tweezers or a tick-twister, or take your pet to a vet clinic for help.
  • Your pet should be screened for tick-borne illnesses like Lyme disease annually. Symptoms can be subtle.
  • Prevention is worth a pound of cure! A monthly tick preventive treatment is essential for your pet’s health – talk to your vet about the best options.